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Monday, December 20th, 2010
12:21 pm
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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
12:51 pm
It's been a while since I last posted.  (See here and here.)  Just wanted to give you all a quick update:

I jumped thru all of the hoops required for both my surgeon and my insurer and I'm happy to report that I finally have my surgery date!

I will undergo open RNY on Dec 29, 2008.  Barring any complications, I should be released from the hospital on NYE.  Talk about a great way to go into the New Year!

For those who pray, please keep me lifted.


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Sunday, August 31st, 2008
9:43 pm
*waves to all*

I just found this community, and I think it is wonderful. I'm having RNY surgery at the very end of September, and I am a person who believes in size acceptance, HAES, etc.

I always say...I'm 5'6 (and a half), 269lbs. Some people can be very healthy at this size. *I* am not one of them. Once I got over 220lbs, I started feeling the effects. I'm the apple shaped, borderline diabetic, high cholesterol person that doctors love to use for their statistic of the *dramatic music" Obestiy epidemic. I wish I could say I'm healthy at my weight, but it just isn't the case.

Anyway..on a tangent. Basically I just feel that no one should be treated poorly for their size, and everyone should focus on being healthy. WLS is the tool I feel will work for me. I'm glad there are others out there.
Thursday, July 31st, 2008
8:59 am
Skinny privilege
All my life, I've been able to experience white privilege.  Sure, I'm Jewish, but I'm not semetic looking.  I can pass for WASP (or the Catholic equivelent)  easily.  I've had Britts assume I was Irish for crying out loud. 

I've also experienced straight privilege.  Even in the times I was dating a woman, I've always been femme and the straight world wouldn't know unless they caught us making out or something.  Now I'm married to a man, was able to marry with no problem, and the straight priv. continues.

Now I'm postulating that there is a thing called skinny privilege.  Thinner people are treated differently in our society then fat people.  At my highest weight, no one would sit next to me if at all possible on a bus.  Guys didn't hold doors for me, and in fact, moved out of my way.  I know I was the target of laughs and jests, cause let's face it, fat people are still ok to pick on.

Now, 40 lbs later, I get random flirts.  I get doors held for me.  I get smiles in hallways and random "hi"s. Eye contact instead of looking away.   People sit next to me on the shuttle bus.  Nobody smirks (that I can tell) at my looks. 

I'm the same person.  Hell, it's only been 6 months.  Now I "fit it".  Now I'm a curvy girl, not a fat girl.  And, guess what?  I'm still over 200 lbs.  Although I like the attention and flying "under the radar" it doesn't feel right.  It doesn't feel natural.

Any thoughts?  Does anyone else feel this way?  Or am I just experiencing too much liberal guilt.  LOL

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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
2:23 am
so i've never joined a real weight loss anyting before.... but i don't want to go through this alone... i'm looking very hard into getting the gastric sleeve operation which is hard 'cus there's only one surgeon in my whole state who does it and it's like $30k for the surgery... but that's besides the point... what i'm most scared about is that i'm gonna fuck up any progress i end up making with the surgery... i was a competative dancer and a professional dancer for nearly 12 years... and during that time i used "pharmacutical assistance" and anorexia to keep my weight down to a very unhealthy level.... but now it's gone in the other direction and i don't know where to start or how i'm gonna get through this... none of my friends understand 'cus most of them are still dancers and or are naturally skinny people and i'm the "token fat chick" most of the time... i'm proud of my body don't get me wrong but damn it sometimes it sucks to have to make your friends wait for you 'cus you can't run up that hill as fast, or to ask for the seat belt extender on an airplane... and no one around me seems to get it... does anyboyd know anything about the gastric sleeve? has anybody here had the surgery? do you know if it's better to go out of the country for it? and also does anybody know how to tell your family that you're getting this surgery no matter how much they tell you that you are "perfect the way god made you"?

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Monday, July 14th, 2008
9:29 am
Weight/GBS Update
I went to the mandatory informational seminar last Wednesday, July 9th.  I felt somewhat weird about it.  I think that was because the only people who knew about it were my therapist and JDub.  I kinda felt like I was on some covert mission, all 007-like.  The seminar lasted about 2 hours, after which I scheduled my consultation with the surgeon.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow at 1pm.  I have an appointment with my PCP on Wednesday morning.

I had therapy on Thursday and talked at length about my mother & how she might react to my having the surgery.  I realized that I couldn't tell anyone else about it until I had spoken with my mother.  Part of me felt like, by telling her, I was somehow admitting failure... in that, my weight has gotten so outta control that I've no other recourse but the surgery.  Another, smaller, part of me thought she might be glad that I'm going this route because I know she worries about me.

Well, I called her on Friday morning and had "the talk".  Long story short, she's behind me 100%, will come out (along with my father) and stay for about a week when I have the procedure, and even admitted that she's considered having it herself.  Just having her support changed my entire outlook on the situation.  This is something I'm doing for me, for my health and quality of life.  Not with any kind of superficial "dying to be thin" mentality.  But rather, because I deserve better quality of life.  I deserve it!

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
6:06 pm
Greetings all,

This is my first post here... or in any WLS community, for that matter.  My name is Woo & I'm in the early stages of researching WLS.  I have every intention of having the surgery, but I know it's a lengthy process.  Trust & believe, I plan to do my homework & educate myself as much as possible.

On the opposite end of the spectrum - or perhaps not - I'm a very proud Big Girl.  Always have been.  But, this weight is causing me problems it never did before, namely with my  knees and ankles.  I'm having a hard time reconciling my big girl pride with my desire for WLS.  And this is what brings me here.  Heck, I've never even mentioned this to anyone aside from my son & my therapist.  Feels good - but scary - to admit it to others as well.

I don't know what I can add to the community at this point (aside from questions!), but I look forward to participating.

Thanks for reading,

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
6:00 pm
Since this is kinda a HAES community, lets share.

1) What is the best HAES thought that you have done?
2) What HAES tennent would you like to incorporate, but have not done yet?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_at_Every_Size is a good overview of the movement, with lots of good links at the bottom.

I personally believe that while one can strive towards health at any size that they are, there are some people who have weights that prevent them from being the healthiest that they can be. For these individuals, WLS is a way to move towards HAES paradigms of treating oneself well, incorporating physical activity, and normalizing eating. I know my eating has really normalized itself since my sleeve. :-)

So, talk amongst yourselves :-)
10:17 am
Women & Size Fact Sheet
Hey all!

Just wanted to share the fact sheet on Women and Size that I prepared earlier this year for SWS.

I think it might be a good jumping off point for discussion.

For instance, I know I struggled -- as I was helping write it -- with including the information about WLS. I somehow felt like a traitor by saying how dangerous WLS is and sort of lumping WLS in with extreme and dangerous measures of "body work" (since I've had WLS).

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts or feedback on the fact sheet.

8:50 am
Thanks for this group
I'm really glad this is here...I sometimes feel all alone on the WLS boards.  Not that I post much...maybe that's why.

Anyway, I've been a HAES believer and somewhat of an activist for years.  A few years ago, I started having back problems that I couldn't resolve.  My Chiropractor spoke plainly to me, and I had an epiphany moment that at my size, I wasn't healthy.  I researched the lap band and decided it was for me.

My loss hasn't been that fast, (well, normal for the band) which I think is letting me get used to my self.  I've lost 25 lbs, but more importantly, my back pain has decreased significantly. 

That's my back story--the reason I'm posting, though, is a concern.  I keep running into people who have less than 100 lbs to loose who are being talked into RNY.  Don't get me wrong, RNY is a great option for the right people.  I think doctors are really pushing though, as a one procedure fits all approach to WLS.   Post-RNY, these patients seem to have the same gaunt, ill look (at least the ones I"ve seen).

Anyway, thanks again for creating this!
Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
12:53 am
Size Acceptance
This isnt really the place to talk about if WLS fits within the ideas of HAES.

I think all women (women especially, but men as well) need a healthy dose of self love. It doesnt matter if you are skinny or fat, surgically altered or not altered, currently dieting or living life to the fullest, you need to love yourself.

I think the blogosphere discussion of "who" belongs in the movement. Or, if someone trying to change their body through healthy behaviors doesnt belong in the movement because they are doing it "to lose weight."

Whatever. This community is about those that wish to learn to love themselves, no matter what steps they need to take to be their healthiest. If you have had surgery, or want to have surgery, or want to discuss "healthy behaviors for weight loss" within a size acceptance framework, you are welcome here.
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