stacycat69 (stacycat69) wrote in wls_sizeaccept,

Size Acceptance

This isnt really the place to talk about if WLS fits within the ideas of HAES.

I think all women (women especially, but men as well) need a healthy dose of self love. It doesnt matter if you are skinny or fat, surgically altered or not altered, currently dieting or living life to the fullest, you need to love yourself.

I think the blogosphere discussion of "who" belongs in the movement. Or, if someone trying to change their body through healthy behaviors doesnt belong in the movement because they are doing it "to lose weight."

Whatever. This community is about those that wish to learn to love themselves, no matter what steps they need to take to be their healthiest. If you have had surgery, or want to have surgery, or want to discuss "healthy behaviors for weight loss" within a size acceptance framework, you are welcome here.
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