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so i've never joined a real weight loss anyting before.... but i don't want to go through this alone... i'm looking very hard into getting the gastric sleeve operation which is hard 'cus there's only one surgeon in my whole state who does it and it's like $30k for the surgery... but that's besides the point... what i'm most scared about is that i'm gonna fuck up any progress i end up making with the surgery... i was a competative dancer and a professional dancer for nearly 12 years... and during that time i used "pharmacutical assistance" and anorexia to keep my weight down to a very unhealthy level.... but now it's gone in the other direction and i don't know where to start or how i'm gonna get through this... none of my friends understand 'cus most of them are still dancers and or are naturally skinny people and i'm the "token fat chick" most of the time... i'm proud of my body don't get me wrong but damn it sometimes it sucks to have to make your friends wait for you 'cus you can't run up that hill as fast, or to ask for the seat belt extender on an airplane... and no one around me seems to get it... does anyboyd know anything about the gastric sleeve? has anybody here had the surgery? do you know if it's better to go out of the country for it? and also does anybody know how to tell your family that you're getting this surgery no matter how much they tell you that you are "perfect the way god made you"?
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