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Thanks for this group

I'm really glad this is here...I sometimes feel all alone on the WLS boards.  Not that I post much...maybe that's why.

Anyway, I've been a HAES believer and somewhat of an activist for years.  A few years ago, I started having back problems that I couldn't resolve.  My Chiropractor spoke plainly to me, and I had an epiphany moment that at my size, I wasn't healthy.  I researched the lap band and decided it was for me.

My loss hasn't been that fast, (well, normal for the band) which I think is letting me get used to my self.  I've lost 25 lbs, but more importantly, my back pain has decreased significantly. 

That's my back story--the reason I'm posting, though, is a concern.  I keep running into people who have less than 100 lbs to loose who are being talked into RNY.  Don't get me wrong, RNY is a great option for the right people.  I think doctors are really pushing though, as a one procedure fits all approach to WLS.   Post-RNY, these patients seem to have the same gaunt, ill look (at least the ones I"ve seen).

Anyway, thanks again for creating this!
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the whole thing with WLS surgeon's talking their patients into surgieries is a big issue with me. You have people that go to a doctor that only does the RNY and lap band, and they never hear about the sleeve or the DS. Or you have insurance companies that only cover specifically one or two of the surgeries, so they cant get the best one for them.

I looked at tha gaunt look when deciding on my sleeve, as it seemed most of the sleeve after pictures did not show that look.
Hi. I'm going to a seminar on Saturday about Lap-Band. I was wondering if you can update me on how the band has been for you now that some time has past from this post. Any tips/advice? Thanks.